Scheduling Process

Our goal has always been to get people in your door, but now we are on a mission to now get MORE people in your door! 

Instead of Appointment Requests in some instances, we are now going to schedule Appointment Sets based solely on your staffed hours. During calls (GymAnswering), we come across instances where staff and contact names are no longer current, hours are not updated, and preferences are outdated, so scheduling in a scheduler becomes difficult.
When things are current, we can follow your guidelines and move swiftly through the call to get your prospects on your calendars (if you have one) and ultimately in your door!
(You may still see appointment requests when contacts cannot come in during your staffed hours, or for those of you who have Appointments by Request selected for various reasons, including staffing shortages).
Our goal is for you to have updated information in your portal on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as needed. If you choose not to update your information, that is up to you, just know that we will get those prospects in the club by scheduling according to your staffed hours.
If you need help in updating this information, that is ok too! Just book an appointment with our onboarding specialist who can help walk you through the portal. Click Here to Schedule
Remember, our goal is to see you THRIVE, and our service works BEST with YOUR cooperation and assistance. Let’s move forward to more appointment SETS and a bigger and brighter future!
This information came from an email notice that HelloGym sent out to customers on Thursday, May 19th, 2022.