How do I start my HelloGym registration?

How do I start my HelloGym registration?

Follow these instructions when setting up your location in the HelloGym Portal

Look in your email for registration username, password and link.


Go to and enter your username and password as provided in the email. It is best to copy and paste the password as it is case sensitive and often times has different characters.


Change Password: You can click the HelloGym logo in the upper left of the screen to change your password. 


Click the locations button on the left> then registrations to reveal your locations. Click the Complete/Edit button to go into the location. 


Please watch each video at the top of the page in each tab. This includes important information on what we need to best handle the phone calls. 

reg4-video tutorial

Location Email Address up top is the email that we send our dispositions to. The Location website MUST be a direct link to your location. (this is important as we often need to pull that up while on a call)- 

Franchise ID is the ID# your franchise has assigned you if you have one. Time Zone is your local time zone.

* PLEASE NOTE* if the phone number does not match your gym phone number, it is because we are using a different internal routing phone number for your club. This isn't the case all of the time, but is possible for each club. 


The additional Email field allows for up to two more email addresses be included on these emails. (it is not necessary to include the same email address that is in the above mentioned field)

Pleas click NEXT to save this section. If you do not click next, it will not save the section.

reg6-addl email- next to save-1

The next section is the pricing section. It is important that if you check off a box, that you also fill out the corresponding price or price range in the box below. 


Hours: Please fill out the hours to reflect your schedule for the week. If you need to remove staffed hours for a specific upcoming day, you will need to move the hours to blank for start time and end time. ( down the road we will have a variant space where you can just update something for a specific day. ) Don't forget to change back after the day is over, so it is correct the following week. 


The Schedule/Employees section is important to let us know which scheduler you use and who is the recommended person for scheduling. 

*Please do not forget to change the hours back*


Go through and continue to save each tab by clicking next. When you have completed the last tab your info is ready! Next step you can go back to the registration page and Assign this specific location to the person of your choice by including their email address.. They will get an email and password and now have access to this location. 

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