HelloGym and ClubOS Scheduling for GymAnswering

We can schedule an appointment for memberships/tours:

  •  When setting up your HelloGym Portal, you will choose ClubOS as your scheduler and assign 1 or 2 key employees for HelloGym to schedule with for your specific location(s).
  • When we are scheduling an appointment for a tour/membership in your ClubOS, we can check to see if the prospect is already in the system, and if they are not, we add them.
  • ***We do not add prospects if they are not scheduling an appointment at the time of the call, so for Sales Inquiries or Appointment Requests, you will receive an email notification about the caller and their needs to manage on your end. Again, we only add prospects that are scheduling an appointment at the time of the phone call with our GymAnswering Service

How your posted hours and available hours in ClubOS work together:

  • We utilize both your staffed hours (The Ongoing and the Variations) in the HelloGym Portal as well as your OPEN appointments in ClubOS.
    • We only schedule during staffed hours and what is open in your Location’s ClubOS Calendar during those time frames.
    • *** We book under any of the time blocks that have either an Event Type of Appointment or Event Type of None (Blank). Below are the two event types blocks we look for when scheduling.
      • Event Type: Appointment
      • Event Type: None (Blank)
    • If the person you have designated for us to schedule with has Personal Training, Fitness Consultation, or anything other than Appointment or Blank like the above images, we will not schedule and would send an Appointment Request Email.
      • See down below for examples of the Event Types we do NOT schedule tours/or Membership Sign-Ups under.
  • We can reschedule an appointment for membership/tours:
    • We put in the rescheduled appointment as a new appointment in ClubOS and send a GymAnswering – Appointment Set email with a clear note as to why they cannot come for the original appointment time and we also include in the email the new appointment date and time.
    • Here at HelloGym we do not delete/remove, move any already scheduled appointments, or cancel them in a location’s ClubOS calendar because every location utilizes ClubOS differently. We will leave it as it is and schedule the new tour/membership appointment per the above process.
  • If a caller calls to cancel an appointment but does not want to reschedule at the time of the call,
    • We will let the caller know that we have canceled the appointment, however, we do not remove any tour/membership appointment that is listed in your ClubOS account
    • We will send an email marked as GymAnswering – Appointment Cancellation and a clear note as to why the caller canceled and did not want to reschedule at the time of the call. Again, the appointment will stay in ClubOS for you to manage.


  • ClubOS shows open times between 9 AM & 9 PM. Your staffed hours in HelloGym show 9 AM till 5 PM. We will only schedule within the 9 AM to 5 PM open times in ClubOS
  • ClubOS shows open availability, however, your HelloGym Portal hours show not staffed for the day, we do not schedule an appointment on that day.
  • ClubOS availability shows no open times but the staffed hours are on the website. We do not schedule for that time frame.

It is very important to us to know when you are out of the club or if you are not taking appointments or walk-in prospects. We want to avoid sending people to the club if you are not there and avoid scheduling outside of your availability, so managing your HelloGym Portal and ClubOS is vital to us. Having current and complete information to offer is key. Are you staffed on holidays? Do you leave the club during your lunch hour? do you leave for marketing, appointments, etc...? You can change your available time in your HelloGym Portal at any time and only takes a few minutes to do.

Again, we have found that every club manages ClubOS differently and we need to have some consistency to schedule accurately and efficiently. Working with ClubOS for several years now, we have found that this is the best process for our agents and has worked for years among the locations we work with across the country. If you have any questions on this, your HelloGym account manager will gladly go over the details.

We do NOT schedule or do any of the following in ClubOS: 

  • We understand that several locations have multiple trainers, and/or that they manage their personal training and other appointments independently. Therefore, we Do Not schedule appointments for personal training, fitness consultations, or any other type of appointment, besides the tour/membership appointment. 
  • We do not cancel personal training appointments in ClubOS. We do not reschedule personal training appointments, if a caller calls to cancel, we send the message to the club to do so because of the above reasons.

Event Types NOT used for scheduling:

  • Here are the Event Types we will NOT schedule tours/or Membership Sign-Ups under:

Event Type: Meeting

Event Type: Personal Training

Event Type: Group Training

Event Type: Small Group Training

Event Type: Class

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