Facility Basics

On the Facility Basics page you a few different sections that need to complete. 

Company Details & Social Media

Complete all the fields with a ( * ), some of the fields are locked. If any of the locked fields need to be updated please contact support.

Hours of Operation 

Select the day's that the club is staffed and set the ongoing staffed hours

Covid19 Schedule Updates

Due to Covid19, each facility and location is different. We at HelloGym cannot assume any information at this time.

In this section it should include or have the following information:

  • A DATED NOTE ( Jan 1st, 2021, 1-1-21, 1/1/2021)
  • If the facility is either OPEN or CLOSED
  • If OPEN include if you have any changes to operation or where members can fine updated rules, policies, or procedures. 
    • Some of this information could be if members need to schedule/reserve a workout time. If they do where can that schedule/scheduling link be found. 
    • What hours the members can use the gym
    • Is the equipment indoors or outdoors
    • If the facility is currently doing encouraging Online Only Signups, 
    • Social Distance and Mask Requirements
  • A reminder, HelloGym agents schedule tours & appointments for people looking to join. Any workout reservation requests will be referred to the manager if the caller cannot access the workout reservation schedule. 
  • Below are examples:

Operational Details

It is very important for HelloGym agents to have this information when speaking with your callers'. When agents are verifying and even scheduling for the facility it is useful for them to have details of the area.

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