Membership Info

Membership Pricing Information

On the membership Information page, select the membership plans that you accept. You'll see single, Joint (2 people), and 3 or more. 

Then enter in the range (Numbers only), setting the type of commitment that the range reflects, and the billing frequency. 

In the image below you see Single, Joint, and 3 or more are selected. The Joint and 3 or more is showing the total cost bi-weekly for the membership, even if you bill members individually or have discounts for when adding additional people on such as family members it is best to do it as the total for the membership.

In the scenario of the pricing below a HelloGym agent would tell your prospects that

"a single person membership ranges between $17.99 to $42.99 bi-weekly depending on the options and any qualifying discounts that you (The Prospect) are eligible for and that the facility accepts".

If you wish for it to be more of a starting price, the pricing layout should look like the following

Below the pricing will be a few questions about the facility

If your facility has the added option of having HelloGym handle and do over-the-phone membership sign-ups you'll want to add that information over on the Operations Page. 

In the notes section that is highlighted in the image below, the information about additional scheduling information should be separate for over-the-phone sign-ups. Using |, /, \ or _ will be the best, and then start the section in all caps OVER THE PHONE SIGNUPS. Include information such as Enrollment, Membership Card, Key Fee, or other fees. No external website links or details about anything else should be in the field besides details for scheduling and over-the-phone membership sign-ups. 

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