On the amenities page, you'll three sections

Facility Overview / The Pitch

At the top just below the page title Amenities is the Facility Overview or Pitch section. If you've ever heard of an elevator pitch this is where that should go. It is a very short a brief breakdown of your facility that HelloGym agents use to sell your facility and why the prospect will want to come to join.

This is very useful in setting the appointment for tours or for the prospect to want to just come to sign up. It does have a character limit of 250 characters so be creative and if your club already has one that is part of your telephone inquiry or phone script you can insert it here. In the image below you can see an example.


Below the Pitch section is the Amenities itself. 

It is broken down into two sections. The first is the amenities that your facility's members have already included in the membership and that members aren't required to pay extra for. If an amenity that comes with the base membership at no additional cost isn't listed just select other and type out the amenities separated out by a comma. See the image below.

In the section below there are the amenities and services that your members do need to pay extra for. 

Current Group Classes

The last section on the amenities page is the group classes. This likely going to be a section that may change frequently with your facility based on the availability or instructors and the time of the year. Below is a list of the group classes HelloGym agents are frequently asked if it is offered.

These classes can be either LIVE or Virtual (Provided via a LIVE Streaming service to members, or an on-demand service in your facility's studio room, or other). If a group class that you currently offering isn't listed just select another and type out the classes separated out by a comma.

Of course previously on the Membership Info page, there was a question labeled Do you offer Group Classes as pictured in the image below.

If you answered NO then the Current Group Classes section shouldn't have any of the classes checked.

When updating one section of a location within the company wizard, sometimes additional information related to a question could be on another page. It's always best to check each page before exiting to be sure everything is accurate. HelloGym agents go by the information that is presented during the call.

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