Age, Trials, & Passes

The Age/Trials/Passes Page is broken into three sections


If you allow minors/youth in the facility choose either YES or NO

If YES please provide the facility's age where a youth/minor can come on their own without a parent being with them to work out.

If the facility is for adults (ages 18+) please select NO


If the facility is offering trials choose either YES or NO


If the facility offers any types of passes (Guest, Drop-ins for classes or training, or Temporary Day Passes) choose either YES or NO for the following. 

For Day Passes If a caller calls asking for a two-week pass while they are visiting from out of town and it says YES for Day Passes our agents will tell the caller that we offer Day Passes and have the caller come in during staffed hours to discuss and arrange the Pass for the time that they are visiting/wanting to use the facility.

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