Cancel & Freeze

* On the Cancellation & Freeze, Page will be several questions that will aid HelloGym agent's in addressing member's questions about Cancellation and Freezing their membership. 

The first section (see the picture below) is about Cancellation requests/inquires. 

Please choose the preferred option for when a member wants to cancel. In the drop-down will be several options. 

If the member, has moved, does the facility allow them to send an email as a way to cancel the membership? This can be very important as many members of facilities often move before contacting their home facility.

Also be sure to choose the notification period, so the member can know how soon the cancellation can or will take effect.

The last section on the page is about Freezes.

Many members will ask to place the membership on hold or suspend it until they are ready to come back.
If YES, please be sure to put in the freeze fee if any, and the preferred way that the member can put in this request.

* NOTE: 

This page ONLY needs to be completed if you have Full-Service GymAnswering. If you wish for HelloGym agents to address your member's inquiries about cancellation or freezes please contact us to talk with a sales team member about upgrading to Full-Service GymAnswering.

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