* On the Billing, Page will be several questions that are vital and helpful to HelloGym agents when talking with your prospective members and even current members that call in.

First, how should a HelloGym agent address billing, you'll want to select one of the three options.

What payment methods does the club accept. This is very helpful in answering prospect's questions for when they wish to come over to join. You'll want to select all that apply and when or if any of the information changes, be sure to deselect the payment methods that are no longer accepted.

If in the first question about how you'd like HelloGym to handle billing called, if you've selected Utilize Billing/Membership system to follow through with billing please complete the question about the late fee. 

If your location selects other and no information is provided, the HelloGym agent will tell the caller the total amount due along with a breakdown of the charges. They'll offer to process the dues with the late fee, if the member questions or doesn't wish to pay the fee and no info about how the fee should be addressed is provided they'll send over the message for the Manager to follow up on. 

Lastly, does the facility have an Enhancement Fee? 

This is a piece of very useful information and can be very important when addressing the question that many prospects ask about when joining a facility. This is also very helpful for when members call in with a billing question about why charges are higher a particular month.

If your facility doesn't charge an annual/semiannual enhancement fee, be sure no is selected and that the information about when is deleted and the fee is set to $0.00.

No additional information about the Enhancement Fee should be placed anywhere else.

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