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***The Contacts Section, in this section, is where all the facility team members that need access to the communications modules in HelloGym should be added as users.

Start by clicking on +Add Contact

Next enter in the email of the facility team member that you want to add & click ok.
It should be an email other than the location's email*** for details about why please see the note below.

After the email is entered the all of the contact/user fields will be available to be filled in & selected.

Please fill out the team member's full First and Last Name ( *If you use a scheduler such as ClubOS or another approved scheduler that HelloGym integrates with the names must match if the calendar is organized by someone's name), their Position (Manager, Director, Trainer, Coach, Sales Associate, Etc.), and the team member's phone number (A mobile phone number is preferred, especially if the contact/user is selected to be an Emergency Contact for the location).

Now to select permissions and other account functions or access with the checkboxes. 

This should be done for every contact / user.

Here is what each permission means & the functions that come with the permission or role:
Read each one to fully understand

Account Owner
An account owner has an administrative role, so if you are the account owner for a location the roles of employee nor the role of manager need to be checked.
Only Add Yourself & check the boxes if you should be an Emergency Contact (Add a Mobile Phone Number), Disposition Email Receiver (Your Account Owner Email must be an email other than your club email. If it is the club email please contact us so we can change it), Scheduling, & Voicemail. 
By default, the Account Owners will show up as a contact. You should only add yourself if you need to be marked for Disposition Email Receiver, For Scheduling, &/or to receive notifications of Voicemails. 

An administrator will have the same access as the account owner. 

Disposition Email Receiver
When this is selected the contact/user will receive a copy of the emails (Dispositions) that our agents send that recap the phone call that is handled for the location(s) that the contact/user is working at. 

Emergency Contact
This should be selected if the contact/user is to be contacted in an emergency situation that takes place outside the location's staffed hours. 
Emergency situations can be the police or other first responders going to the location, the A\C has suddenly stopped working, a sink or toilet is overflowing, 
Alarms going off, a member feeling unsafe, someone wandering in, or some other situations that may require HelloGym to contact a location's team members.

Be sure that the user then has a mobile phone number listed. If we find that the club's phone number has been entered in for a phone number, we will delete it from the user. 

This role gives the contact/user access to the portal & various modules, however, the role of employee will not give the contact/user access to the Company Wizard so that they can update any of the location's information used for HelloGym's Communication & Growth Services. 

This role gives the contact/user access to everything that an employee has access to as well as the Company Wizard to update any of the assigned location's information that is used for HelloGym's Communication & Growth Services. 

Membership Manager *

This role gives the contact access to the Membership Management Module System & the Sub Modules to sell & manage a facilities Clients


This should be selected if the contact/user from the locations team/staff is someone whom our agents can schedule tours & membership sign-up appointments with.
Additionally, this should also be checked even if we aren't scheduling for your location it's helpful so our agents can reference who is likely going to call back to schedule. 

Trainer *
This role designates the user as a trainer in our system. 

When checked the contact/user will receive an email of the Voicemail that has been left & access to the Voicemail section on the Communication Module. 

⚠️ * IMPORTANT ⚠️ If we find that someone has this selected as a role & you do not have a plan/package for use of our Membership Management System, we will remove the role from the users permissions.

Select all the roles & permissions that apply to each contact/user.

their role (Manager or Employee), If the team member is someone that agents can schedule tours and membership sign up appointments with, and if the team member is someone that HelloGym would contact when an Emergency (i.e. ) occurs at the club outside staffed hours.

Be sure to click either save or next to save all the contacts/users.

Only once you've clicked Save will the team member(s) receive an email with the invitation to join and set up
 their login credentials followed by another email saying that their account registration is completed. Those login credentials will also be the same credentials that they'd use to access the HelloGym Management App, which is located in the GooglePlay and the App Store.

The email invites to create your password as a user/contact in HelloGym will be coming from noreply@

Sometimes emails from this email (
noreply@ can end up in your spam/junk folder or on a different filter tab/inbox if you use Outlook or Gmail.

After that, if you have another location, you'll begin the process again. If all the locations have been completed and information verified then your Company Registration is complete.


For contacts/users of our system, the location (Club) email is linked to the location profile itself. This means that each and any contact/user that is added is linked to their own email.

Any personal or work email the contact (staff member) has access to will work. It is mainly for the username to sign in, and sending password reset links.

For Managers & Accounts Owners this will also allow you to delete a contact (staff member) if they are no longer employed and you will not have to change your passwords. You log in as your user and delete them. Then they will not have access.

Again, the location (Club) email cannot be used as a username to log in since it is associated with a location and not contact.

The location (Club) email will always receive emails of the calls our agents handle. Contacts/users can opt to receive copies of those emails by checking the box labeled "Disposition Email Receiver"

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