How do I access Call History & Voicemail

How do I access Call History

Your HelloGym portal is full of data from the calls that take place inside your location.

To Access the call history click on Call History under Dashboards on the let hand side.

If you search for completed calls, this will show you calls that were completed in the gym. From there you can access the recordings for each call (assuming it is allowed in your state). The calls below show an inbound call that was successfully connected. The play button on the right will play the recording. 

Sorting: You can sort by clicking the word at the top of each column.

call history-in club connected

The image below represents a missed call in the Gym. You can search and sort many different ways by using the search box. You can sort out the Jan. 15 calls by starting to type Jan. 15, (include period after Jan and comma after 15)

call history-inbound club missed

The Calls that show a status of HelloGym are calls that connected to the answering team. On our next release you will be able to see the Disposition Type and notes from the call. 

call history

Voicemail can be accessed by clicking the Dashboards button on the left hand side and selecting voicemail. It is there where you can play the voicemail recordings. At present time there is not a way to delete the voicemails, but we are exploring that for a later release. 


To manage your voicemail greeting, simply upload an MP3 to this area. An option is to record the greeting on an iphone, then use an online converter to convert from MP4 to MP3. Please make sure to only upload MP3 files here as something else will cause the voicemail to stop working. 

You will notice that below there are two spaces to add email addresses that the voicemail files will go to. Once you add a new email address or addresses there it is where the voicemails will be sent to. 

new voicemail greeting
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