The Phone System

Our Support Team handles all phone setups & any troubleshooting. 

The phone will ring in the facility about four to six times & then will come over to our answering service if you aren't able to answer. 

We have an IVR system (2-Option IVR & 3-Option IVR) to prompt the caller with these options:

IVR Prompts: 

  1. New Membership Inquires - This will ring at the facility and then comes over to our agents if you aren't able to answer. A recap of the call will be emailed to the location's email & to the contact/users that have the check box next to Disposition Email Receiver marked. 
  2. Billing -  (Offering the Phone Number for ABC Fitness Solutions): This IVR option to have Billing is optional, so please talk to our support team to let them know if you'd like the option in place of the 2 option IVR. 
  3. All Other Inquiries - This will ring at the facility then goes to your voicemail if you aren't able to answer. If you have 2 option IVR this would then be option 2 instead of 3 for the 3 option IVR. 
  • Please wait to return a call from Caller ID…we will receive the call and send an email recap for that call. Once you receive the email, you will know if follow up is needed. If the call goes to the club and not us, you will either be able to answer the call or look for a voicemail.
  • Outside of HelloGym operating hours, the call will ring at your club and then go to your club voicemail if you are not able to answer or if you aren’t staffed. You can create your own voicemail message yourself. Any questions about the phone set up for the club voicemail, please reach out to