Communication Follow-Up

Our Agents will send a recap via email, one sent to the locations email & a copy to those contacts/users who have the box checked that says Disposition Email Receiver. 

We try to gather as much information as possible and will include: 

  • Name (First & Last)
  • Phone Number
  • Details about the call (In the Notes Field) 

Appointment Set

If it is a scheduled appointment the subject line will say GymAnswering - Appointment Set

For these Appointment Set emails, it does mean that the agent sets a specific time for the caller to come to the facility's location for a tour or to join.  We follow your scheduling restrictions & try to provide as much notice as possible when an agent does book an appointment. 

Additionally, we try to schedule any appointments at least 30-minutes after the start of your staffed hours (or any split shift staffed hours) and attempt to have the last appointment be at least 30-minutes before the end of the staffed hours. 

If your facility uses a scheduler such as ClubOS, Calendly, Active Lead Response (ALR), or another calendar that we approve/integrate with, we'll use the availability on the calendar & the specified scheduling contacts along with your ongoing hours &/or any variation hours. 

* NOTE: ClubOS requires an authorization form to be filled out & an updated one is needed when &/or if a facility location changes ownership as well. 

Appointment Requests

If a caller is interested in setting an appointment, but the agent doesn't; schedule it due to the caller being unable to come during staffed hours &/or needs to come at a time or on a day your facility isn't normally staffed we'll send it as an appointment request.

The email subject line will read GymAnswering - Appointment Request

The email may contain information in the notes &/or a requested date and/or time when the caller would like to come to the club. 

It is then up to the facility & staff to reach out to the caller to book the appointment. 

Sales Inquiry

This is when someone calls asking about membership info, but they aren't interested in scheduling a time or don't wish to schedule at the time of the call.