The Operations page is the guidelines for how you want HelloGym agents to schedule tours and signups for prospects or past members. 


How much notice do you need for the appointment? Select the options as seen in the image below.

If Appointments By Request Only, HelloGym agents will send you an email labeled in the Subject line " GymAnswering - Appointment Request ". This will indicate that the club will need to follow up with the prospect/past member to schedule the appointment. 


If the facility uses a scheduler to book prospects/past members for tours and membership signups please select YES. 

If NO, then HelloGym agents will follow the restrictions above along with your Ongoing Hours of Operation when staff is in (As Listed on the Facility Basics Page) or the Variation Hours (As Listed on the Variation-Hours Page) that have been set for a given day when scheduling appointments.

With Selecting YES chose the scheduler option of either ClubOS or Other. 

For ClubOS be sure as the owner to complete a ClubOS authorization form for each location that HelloGym agents will need access to for scheduling. This form can only be completed for the facility owner. Please contact your account manager for the form. For more information about how HelloGym uses and works with ClubOS check out the Article HelloGym and ClubOS Scheduling for GymAnswering "

For Other, HelloGym integrates with several schedulers (Active Lead Response, Calendly, SetMore, Simplybook, Accuity). See the article on schedulers for more

Paste the calendar landing page link into the provided field.

Additional Scheduling Information

This section/field is just below the scheduler choice. In this field, you'll want to put anything additional that HelloGym agents should be aware of when scheduling or that the agent needs to know so they can tell the caller.  

Examples / Ideas: 

  • Which Scheduling Contact is to be scheduled for specific days of the week.
  • The cost of Tanning or when tanning is available for use.
  • Guest door entrance info & where it's located 
  • Over the Phone Sign Up details

The image above also displays/has listed Over the Phone Signups information. This is the place for including additional fees that someone(s) will need to pay when signing up in addition to the monthly or bi-weekly pricing that will be drafted in full or as a pro-rated amount when a HelloGym Agent signs caller's up while on the phone.

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